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We are focussed on the TWO strong pillars of Corporate Governance –

  • The Independent Auditors.
  • The Independent Directors.

Financial reporting and governance are intertwined. Governance is a complex amalgam of various contributing factors but to a large extent it is a function of perception fortified by reliable data. By perception we mean how the various stakeholders, view, read, observe, experience and assess the overall personality of an organisation by its very conduct on a continuous basis. These two pillars of corporate governance viz. The Independent Directors & the Independent Auditors – are strong foundations on which the entire gamut of governance is built.

The financial performance of an enterprise and the effectiveness of the fiduciary role of the Board of Directors and the due discharge of the statutory obligations of the auditors are both reflected in the annual reports of an enterprise. This little book that ritually gets published every year is a small window through which the outside world sees and assesses the enterprise and its behaviour, in addition to its day to day behaviour monitored by the fourth estate.

CEFRG aims to improve the effectiveness of board members by equipping them with the abilities to discharge their enormous responsibilities through a bouquet of professional services such as periodic subject matter bulletins, discussion forums, expert counsel, interactive learning workshops, customary industry insights and access to our knowledge database. We do regular breakfast meetings with Independent Directors to sensitize them on emerging matters of interest and importance to them.

CEFRG recognizes that the audit firms play a pivotal role in ensuring the truthful presentation of financial data in the overall financial reporting regime. CEFRG will work with select small /medium sized talented and progressive CA firms to equip and fortify their overall efficacy through robust methodologies, techniques, review skills and processes that will enable them to scale their practices successfully and effectively manage the increasingly complex business scenarios that face them.

CEFRG also acts a think tank and an enabler, dedicated to professional excellence. With a serious attention to appropriate and continuous learning and development to the communities that are integral to good governance, CEFRG will also supplement the ecosystem by examining the current financial reporting and governance practices of various enterprises in different industries and publish research reports with an aim to improve the overall transparency and reliability of financial reporting and governance.