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CEFRG provides appropriate insights, solutions and training to equip the diverse players and participants in field of financial reporting and governance like

  • Partners and Managers of accounting firms,
  • Independent directors,
  • Internal auditors
  • Chief financial officers and his accounting teams
  • Audit committees

to dramatically improve the entire gamut of financial reporting and system of governance by working with them closely in this arena so that they can perform their respective roles more efficiently and effectively.


The entre gamut of CEFRG systems, processes, methodologies, tools and techniques which are primarily aimed at augmenting the abilities of ambitious audit firms, they are also relevant for other professional services firms. Many of the tools and techniques (like the Times & Expense Management Application,Visioning and Strategy Sessions, Operating Effectiveness, Leadership Development ) are equally and eminently suitable for law firms and all kinds of consulting firms who render professional services to their clients.