Audit firms play a pivotal role in ensuring the truthful presentation of financial data in the overall financial reporting regime. Our CEFRG audit documentation methodology is designed to equip and fortify their overall efficacy through robust approach, techniques and processes that will help them to scale their practices successfully and effectively manage the risks emanating from increasingly complex business scenarios facing their clients.

Our proprietary CEFRG audit methodology has been specifically developed for small and medium sized audit firms to help them execute effective and efficient audits through five easy to understand stages namely C, E, F, R & G:

An audit firm's reputation rests on the quality of its audit. Audit quality is of paramount importance to build public trust and for strong capital markets. It is imperative that audit documentation quality stands up to scrutiny.

We offer to independently carry out diagnostic review of your completed audit documentation file and related firm wide policies and procedures supporting quality of audit assignments. Our review is a tool to manage audit risk and imbibe best audit related practices in audit firms.

We understand that audit quality is a long continuous journey, and offer to work with firms in this journey.

CEFRG value added internal audit services are strategic and broader than traditional internal audits, helping businesses remain agile, identify & address emerging risks, develop out-of-the-box solutions to complex business issues, become more innovative and receptive to emerging technologies and push for adoption of best practices to ensure business functions remain efficient & effective.

The pace of business evolution has accelerated, with disruptive innovations, fast-changing technology, challenging economic times and volatile world events leaving organisations more vulnerable than ever. Effective and insightful internal audit solutions provide comfort to leaders that their businesses can meet the demands of this pace of evolution.

The mission of an Internal audit function is to enhance and protect organizational value by providing a risk-based and objective assurance, advice and insight. At its core, internal audit is responsible for managing risk, monitoring controls, enhancing security and improving governance.

We offer customised solutions to critical problems facing Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Businesses